Business scan

You can only improve something if you can measure it. So let’s measure how healthy your online business profile is with Omnibiz

What is it ?

It summarizes how complete, consistent and verified your business info. is in online media.

How its measured?

We scan your profiles and compare it against one reference profile, and calculate the score


You can remove duplicates, delete or update wrong info and add missing info.

That’s all?

It is easy to use, in one click you get accurate insights make your online profiles accurate

Why Omnibiz?

One Stop Solution

Omnibiz is one-stop solutions to improve your Business’s online health. It keeps information up-to-date across the web without any extra effort.

Optimize Online Listings

Missing or incorrect online listings may lead to your business unprofessional or not being found online. Optimize online listing using Omnibiz on the go

Listing Accuracy

You can improve online consistency of your business by updating accurate information across all the channels with Omnibiz’s Business Scan.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can either go online and check on each platform one by one, or you can use tools like Omnibiz to get a consolidated report in one place.

Next to each section, we suggest what you can do to improve your score. It is important for you to take those actions and improve your score

Most likely ‘No’. But your score might go up a little if your online content gets completed by other people. E.g. if reviews were missing and your customers just gave you bunch of reviews, your score just increased

Yes it is absolutely free to check the report. But to ensure your profile is consistent, complete and verified, you might have to use some of the paid features of Omnibiz.

You can run the scan once a day and make the suggested improvements. We update your score every midnight as it requires coordination and updating of many data points.

You will soon be able to share the link and download a PDF of it. We are working on it.

Check your Business Health

It is easy to check and improve your business health. Run a scan to see how your business performs across the web
Check Your Business Health