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Get more than traffic,likes or visits from your online profiles. Create your online store and receive real payments ! View a sample

Device Friendly

Phone or laptops, your online store always looks great and can be updated on the go

SEO Friendly

Get more visitors and hence more sales with the Search engine optimized store

Commission free

Unlike other e-commerce sites, we do not charge a commission on your sales

Centralized Store

Create a store on Omnibiz and publish on multiple platforms (Google, Facebook +2 more)

Still wondering why you need an online store?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

People search for what they want, not your business, so let them find your products or services via SEO

Build Trust

Showing your offerings upfront gives your business a professional look and creates trust

Store On Multiple Platforms

Manage your store on multiple platforms and convert your traffic, likes and followers to sales order

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Omnibiz offers an easiest ways to create your online store. With Omniz, you can create a search engine optimized online store that looks great, in just a few minutes. it's easy to create and edit from your computer and phone.

Yes. Omnibiz online store solution is user-friendly and makes it possible to build a professional store without knowing how to code.

Your online store that is published on multiple platforms automatically comes with a mobile-optimized version that looks great on every device

You don't need any hosting to publish your online store. All your content of Omnibiz store will be published on multiple platforms with a single click

Just create your store on the omnibiz to rank in SERP.

No, you cannot change design and themes. But, you can make your items look awesome with well thought description and nice photos.

No, Unfortunately you cannot do that for now. We will update here once we have the facility.

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It is easy to create and update, search engine optimize (SEO) and free of commission
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